Wednesday, April 10, 2013

T3 Tech Meeting April 10, 2013

Invalid Numbers in Gradebook There are some things that can cause the system to shutdown. If you put in 3500 instead of 35, it can shut the system down. Also be careful with plus signs, minus signs, and and other additional symbols. Please note those in the comments section which is easy to use on the beta. Valid keys are T (turned in),L (late), I (incomplete), M (missing), X (exempt), ch (cheated) ,D (dropped).

Turn in a Copy of Grades Go to Instruction, Reports, and use Grade Book Export. Choose Comma Separated for file type. Then generate. There is really no reason to do this because the files are permanent in gradebook. I don't think the high school requires this anyway.

Messenger It is beginning to evolve. It is now called grades messenger instead of failing grades now.

Beta The autosave function is out, and now there is a save button.

Let Michelle know of any feedback. She is the one who could possibly make adjustments for us.

The groups function for group projects in gradebook is neat. There is a tab for that under the instruction tab on the left hand side.

You can sort by grades in an assignment. There is an arrow up near the top that will resort. If you click on the assignment, you will get the comment boxes for each one. The date that you have the assignment due will determine what markers come up. You will see if students were absent or tardy for example.

The whisker charts are kind of cool. You can see them when you click on a student. It will show where the student falls in all of the quartiles. You can also display just one student by using the filters under the settings section.

Sharp School Export what is on the current page to save your pages for next year. Manage and export all of the classroom pages under Data Management. Next year you will import it all in. Then you have to make things visible as you go.

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